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What's New

LanHelper v1.50 (May 27, 2006)
* Added: Schedule shutdown tasks in LanHelper.
* Added: New alert event "any change" for Monitor Mode of Refresh Status. New alert methods: Wake-On-LAN, Shutdown.
* Added: Command line mode for performing Wake-On-LAN (WOL) and Remote Shutdown operations.
* Added: New Integrated Command: Kill Process By Name, e.g. kill the process named notepad.exe at intervals of 5 seconds.
* Added: New menu items under Refresh Status: Refresh By IP And Update Name, Refresh By Name And Update IP.
* Added: Report for Refresh Status to show recent status changes.
* Added: Select XML encoding in Save Dialog when saving XML file.
* Added: Merge multiple XML files.
* Enhanced: Integrated Command "Get System Information" now can get all installed programs and all installed hardware devices on remote machines.
* Enhanced: XML Group feature. One machine can join multiple groups.
* Fixed: Wake-On-LAN (WOL) feature cannot boot more than 255 machines.
* Fixed: A bug in Monitor Mode of Refresh Status.
* Fixed: Rename Refresh IP to Refresh By IP. Rename Refresh Name to Refresh By Name.
* Removed: General option "Auto select character set for XML encoding".
* Many other small improvements and fixes.

LanHelper v1.48 (January 10, 2006)
* Fixed: Periodical Wake-On-LAN (WOL) tasks run only once.

LanHelper v1.47 (September 25, 2005)
* Fixed: In Remote Shutdown, shutdown reason is not activated under Windows 2003.

LanHelper v1.46 (August 29, 2005)
* Added: Scan SNMP, NetBIOS for scan engine.
* Added: Two features for Wake-On-LAN, get MAC addresses from router, switch or xDSL modem. IP broadcast address setting.
* Added: Security Credentials dialog.
* Added: Browser Mode: HTML, XML.
* Added: Wake-On-LAN (WOL) option "Remote UDP port".
* Enhanced: Interfaces of Remote Shutdown and Remote Execute were improved.
* Enhanced: Remote Shutdown supports Window 2003 shutdown reason.
* Fixed: Update the list of XML character sets in Options dialog. The character set automatically set by LanHelper was not correct on some OS.
* Fixed: XML files saved in v1.45 cannot be loaded again.
* Fixed: Incorrect group name.
* Fixed: Sometimes scheduled Wake-On-LAN (WOL) tasks cannot be deleted.
* Other small improvements and fixes.

LanHelper v1.45 (May 23, 2005)
* Added: Service for Wake-On-LAN (WOL). Now you can schedule Wake-On-LAN (WOL) tasks with service, meaning that you need not login or run LanHelper.
* Added: Unlock Keyboard, Unlock Mouse and Stop Screen Capture under Remote Execute, applied to cancel or stop some operations without delay.
* Added: history for Scan IP.
* Added: Find text feature.
* Added: Jump to line.
* Enhanced: Modify most data in Computer Properties dialog.
* Enhanced: A more detailed HTML report.
* Fixed: In remote Execute, An exception probably raises if user clicks the OK button when a dialog popup to ask whether to start Schedule service on remote machine.
* Fixed: Scan LAN and Scan Workgroups don't work on some Windows system, e.g. Windows 2003 SP1.
* Other small improvements and fixes.

LanHelper v1.43 (March 28, 2005)
* Added: Group function. Make machines join in a group and select them by group name.
* Enhanced: LanHelper Integrated Command. Remotely capture screen at regular intervals, and automatically stop after certain times. Add lock mouse feature. Add lock keyboard feature.
* Other small improvements and fixes.

LanHelper v1.42 (February 2005)
* Enhanced: Wake-On-LAN. Rename Remote Wakeup to Wake-On-LAN. Add new schedule mode: Monthly. Add more WOL schedule options.
* Fixed: In Options dialog restore the feature that show or hide columns of the list in the main window, which has been removed in version 1.41.
* Other small improvements and fixes.

LanHelper v1.41 (January 2005)
* Added: Remote Execute Options: "Switch IP address to DNS or NetBIOS name for selected machine(s)". With turning on this option, you can now schedule task from your Windows XP or Windows 2003 Server which has hotfix KB835732 installed.
* Added: Options for saving log.
* Enhanced: Remote Execute. Added more schedule options. Now can list tasks on multiple machines that selected in main window. Fixed several bugs.
* Enhanced: LanHelper now doesn't require Microsoft XML parser MSXML to save or load xml files, which consumes less amount of computer memory.
* Enhanced: You can check the last time a scheduled task ran in Remote Wakeup dialog.
* Fixed: Scan engine. Cannot retrieve OS, shared resources, etc from some Windows XP sp2 computers.
* Fixed: A small bug in Remote Wakeup.
* Fixed: I/O error while save filter results in Filter window.
* Other small improvements and fixes.

LanHelper v1.40 (December 2004)
* Added: Monitor Mode for Refresh Status. Network monitoring for availability of computers in your LAN/WAN.
* Added: NIC Vendor Identifier. Using a network card's MAC address to identify its vendor. Automatically identify in Computer Properties dialog.
* Added: Add Data dialog.
* Added: Import function. Now you can import data from text or CSV file.
* Added: Rename File, Copy Files, Copy menu item in Data Viewer dialog.
* Added: Many Refresh Status options.
* Added: LanHelper Integrated Command options: "Only save 5 screen pictures" option, "Only show top 5 screen pictures" option.
* Enhanced: More export formats are available, such as HTML and CSV.
* Enhanced: Save and Save AS menu item.
* Enhanced: Scan engine.
* Fixed: A bug in Computer Properties.
* Fixed: The picture node sorting in Data Viewer dialog.
* Fixed: Get System Information bug in LanHelper Integrated Command.
* Removed: "Delay time between two commands" option. "Show pop-up description for items" option.
* Other small improvements and fixes.

LanHelper v1.32 (October 2004)
* Fixed: Sometimes fail to scan all specified IP addresses.
* Removed: "Customize Sender Name" option in Send Message.

LanHelper v1.31 (September 2004)
* Fixed: LanHelper Integrated Command bugs. Fail to capture screen from most computers. Fail to get system information from some computers.
* Fixed: Sometimes only a portion of the system information is displayed in the Data Viewer.
* Other small fixes.

LanHelper v1.30 (September 2004)
* Added: Many other LanHelper Integrated Command. Now can screen capture, get system information, kill process, etc.
* Added: Data Viewer for LanHelper Integrated Command.
* Added: In Remote Execute, more options are available for schedule mode "Run Task At". Command history.
* Added: Scan user name.
* Added: Several options. Remote Wakeup options "No notification" and "Remove the non-periodical task on running complete". Send Message option "Customize sender name". LanHelper Integrated Command options "Pop up Data Viewer after receiving new data" and "Folder for saving received data".
* Enhanced: Computer Properties dialog.
* Enhanced: In Remote Wakeup dialog, it shows all the information of a scheduled Wake-On-LAN (WOL) task when click the Detail button.
* Fixed: LanHelper would always prompt the user to save file after refresh status.
* Fixed: Several bugs in scan engine.
* Fixed: Failed to send message to some machines with customize sender name. Now the computer name is specified as the default sender name.
* Fixed: The history list in Reopen menu item.
* Fixed: Several bugs under windows 9x.
* Other small fixes and improvements.

LanHelper v1.20 (April 2004)
* Added: Save the Wake-On-LAN (WOL) tasks on program exit and load them on program startup.
* Added: New send mode "Specify IP range" in Send Message.
* Added: Log the names of machines which have received messages.
* Added: Option: "Auto run LanHelper at Windows startup". "Skip ping while scanning IP". Many Send Message options. Many Remote Wakeup options.
* Enhanced: Refresh Status.
* Enhanced:  Schedule Wake-On-LAN (WOL) task. The maximum number of WOL tasks is 16.
* Fixed: Sometimes only the computer name and IP address were returned while scanning on a machine with NetBEUI protocol. Now can scan machine of Linux with Samba.
* Fixed: Fail to get remote time from some machines in Remote Execute.
* Fixed: Cannot send messages to some machines using customized sender name.
* Fixed: Saving log in Remote Shutdown and Remote Wakeup.
* Other small fixes and improvements.

LanHelper v1.13 (December 2003)
  * Added: Using the same setting for all the selected machines in Remote Shutdown, Remote Execute.
* Fixed: The incorrect file name in saving XML file.
* Other small fixes.

LanHelper v1.12 (December 2003)
  * Added: Save and Load button in Remote Wakeup dialog.
* Added: Help button in many child dialogs.
* Enhanced: Detect the access to shared folders. All the "ReadOnly" shared folders can be explored.
* Enhanced: Scan other OS types besides Windows.
* Fixed: The scroll bar problem in the main window.
* Other small fixes and improvements.

LanHelper v1.10 (October 2003)
  * Added: Remote Execute. It enables you to execute programs on remote machine.
* Added: LanHelper Integrated Command. It offers many commands for executing on remote system such as log off, power off, hibernate, stand by, lock computer, etc.
* Added: Remote Wakeup dialog. You can schedule Wake-On-LAN (WOL) task now.
* Added: Messages can be sent to WAN or Internet. The sender name can be customized. The messages sent from local machine are saved automatically.
* Added: Scan computer comment, shared resources' comment.
* Added: "Minimize to system tray" option.
* Added: Offer other delimiters for separating the shared resources' names in the list.
* Added: Sort menu item.
* Added: Support for XP visual style.
* Fixed: The status symbols "@<>" and "<>@" are replaced by "!@" and "@!".
* Fixed: Scan IP with only 1 thread under Windows 95/98/ME.
* Fixed: The default number of maximum threads for scanning IP set to 64.
* Fixed: Update the list of "character set for XML encoding" in Options dialog.
* Fixed: Improve the interface for main window and other child dialogs.
* Fixed: Now only 5 types of filters are available for filter view. The filter results are directly displayed in the list.
* Fixed: Bug in switching the interface language.
* Fixed: It starts scanning even if no workgroup is selected in Scan Workgroup dialog.
* Fixed: The hidden columns in the list cannot restore to its' former widths when they are shown again.
* Removed: Customize Wakeup.
* Other small fixes and improvements.

LanHelper v1.00 (May 2003)
  * LanHelper now is a shareware.
* Added: Multiple languages interface.
* Added: Detect running software such as SQL server or Domain Controller.
* Added: Specify IP broadcast address in Customize Wakeup dialog.
* Added: Specify any account to log on to remote machine in Remote Shutdown window.
* Added: Detect whether computer name or IP address has been changed or not while refreshing status.
* Added: Save filter results to text file in Filter window.
* Added: Save computers' statuses to XML file.
* Added: Support multiple languages for XML encoding. Select character set for XML encoding automatically or manually.
* Added: Option for showing or hiding any column of the list.
* Enhanced: Scan hidden shares folders.
* Enhanced: Scan engine.
* Fixed: Show hint in the list.
* Fixed: The interface problem under Windows 95/98/ME system.
* Removed: Detect hidden share option.
* Other small fixes and improvements.

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