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LanHelper v1.99 (January 6, 2012)
* Added: Event viewer. View and search event logs from multiple remote computers simultaneously.
* Enhanced: user management, Copy Users To feature. Show the new users on operation completed.
* Fixed: Domain Control scanning feature cannot work in version 1.98.
* Fixed: Computer list filter works incorrectly if any XML group was checked.
* Fixed: Two bugs of Remote Execute. When view job properties, some periodical jobs will be shown as today jobs. The Add Job feature on the View tab may work incorrect under some conditions.
* Fixed: The security credentials settings were not erased from one item when deleting XML groups and the item didn't belong to any XML group anymore. Now Fixed.
* Many other small improvements and fixes.

LanHelper v1.98 (October 21, 2010)
* Enhanced: Scan engine. Obtain current logged-on user and MAC address more smartly.
* Fixed: A bug of Refresh Status in version 1.97. Cannot wake the power-off computers under monitoring mode.
* Fixed: A bug of registry file import. Cannot correctly process the last line of the .REG file under some conditions.
* Fixed: A bug of saving XML file in v1.97. In some cases the NetBIOS data saving to the XML file contain invalid characters, which results in file loading fail.

LanHelper v1.97 (September 5, 2010)
* Added: Duplicates remove. Remove items having duplicate content in column Name, IP or MAC.
* Enhanced: Reset user password. Now can setup random password.
* Enhanced: Optimized for large XML file processing.
* Fixed: Several bugs of the scan engine. The security credentials set by user cannot work. Cannot obtain domain name within some domains, etc.
* Fixed: Only provides three character sets for XML encoding: ANSI, UTF-8, UTF-16. XML files encoded in UTF-8 or UTF-16 are not backward compatible with version 1.96 or early.
* Fixed: A bug of LanHelper Integrated Command "Get System Information".
* Fixed: A bug of HTML report.

LanHelper v1.96 (June 15, 2010)
* Added: Several features for Share management. View file information including file version, file description, etc. Deploy files to remote computers.
* Fixed: Several bugs of users management. It will be very slow when perform View User action on a domain controller having plenty of member computers joined in. The Copy Users To action will work incorrectly sometimes if turn on the Include Membership option and the source user belongs to huge number of groups.
* Fixed: A bug of registry import.
* Fixed: A bug of Share management. The file explorer shows incorrect file size if file size is greater than 2GB.
* Fixed: A bug of SID/RID converting in v1.94 and v1.95. Now can set share permissions for EVERYONE or other built-in groups again.
* Fixed: A bug of Refresh Status monitoring mode. Sometimes too many shutdown threads generating cause the program terminate.
* Fixed: Cannot drag & drop XML file under Windows Vista/7.
* Other small fixes and improvements.

LanHelper v1.95 (January 18, 2010)
* Added: Domain Controller scan option "Duplicate names: Reserve existed alive-status items". Repeat scanning from one domain controller and only scan for those items that the statues were not alive.
* Fixed: Several small bugs of scan functions Domain Controller and Add Machine.

LanHelper v1.94 (January 10, 2010)
* Fxied: A bug of domain controller scanning. Now can get more than 1000 computers from domain controller.

LanHelper v1.93 (January 3, 2010)
* Added: My applications. Define your own applications and hotkeys to launch from within LanHelper.
* Added: New filter for finding and viewing data more easily.
* Enhanced: Domain controller scanning. Fixed a bug that nothing will return when trying to get computers list from a domain OU. Added two options, "Display OU structure in Comment column", "Add member to XML group named with the OU name".
* Fixed: A bug of command line mode. Sometimes the program could not terminate after finishing executing command.
* Removed: General option "Show filter results in Filter dialog (v1.0)".

LanHelper v1.92 (November 23, 2009)
* Added: An option "Run immediately (task mode)" for Remote Execute, which is useful for network having domain controllers. Now can run Power Off, Temp Cleanup, Capture Screen, Kill Process By Name or other management routines on domain-member computers without delay.
* Enhanced: Wake-On-LAN under command line mode. You can set IP to in the command line when specify an XML file. The program will regard the ip address of each item in XML file as a unicast address. Fix a bug that the program cannot boot computers across subnets under command line mode.

LanHelper v1.91 (November 11, 2009)
* Added: Registry file import, registry file export.
* Added: Connect to remote computers through Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or other similar protocols.
* Enhanced: Wake-On-LAN broadcast packets sending. Slow down the speed to avoid data dropped by switch or other network devices.
* Fixed: A bug of Wake-On-LAN from command line mode. If specify an XML file, the program will come to an endless loop and result in excessive broadcast traffic.
* Fixed: A bug of registry management. Now can show all non-standard types of value data.

LanHelper v1.90 (October 4, 2009)
* Added: Registry management. View remote registries, fast multi-values scan, etc.
* Enhanced: On Wake-On-LAN dialog, after getting MAC addresses and IP addresses from router & switch, now you can update the MAC addresses of the computer data in the list of the main window.
* Fixed: Several bugs of Shares administration. While performing the Create Default Shares action, the program does not show any log if no default share was successfully created. After system restart, 26 default shares (from A$ to Z$) will be re-created by Windows. Please visit to learn how to resolve this issue. Bugs of shell context menu on Shares View. Setting share permissions may not work sometimes.
* Fixed: Bug that Last Run Time of Shutdown task wasn't saved & shown.
* Fixed: A bug of LanHelper Integrated Command. Lock Computer command cannot work under Windows 7 system.
* Many other small fixes and improvements.

LanHelper v1.89 (July 13, 2009)
* Added: Domain controller approach for network scanning. Get computers list from domain controller and parse computer data from the network.
* Enhanced: LanHelper Integrated Command. Add one new command Temp Cleanup, Clean up temporary files, IE cookies, history, etc. Fixed the bug that most of the commands cannot work on Windows system with latest updates installed. Capture Screen now can work on Vista or later Windows. Remove some seldom-used commands.

LanHelper v1.88 (May 25, 2009)
* Added: Copy Users To functionality for users management. Copy users from one or more computers to other computers.
* Added: Scan option for SNMP community string.
* Enhanced: Reset password functionality for users management. Now can reset passwords of multiple users, and provide one macro named %username%.
* Fixed: A bug of reset password on users management.

LanHelper v1.87 (April 27, 2009)
* Added: Bulk creating shares for shares administration.
* Added: An option for running LanHelper under a non-admin account. Please view the FAQ page for HOW-TO.
* Fixed: A bug of services management. On Service Properties dialog, if click the mouse right button and use the shortcut menus to start, stop dependent service or perform other operations, the program will work incorrectly.
* Fixed: A bug of Remote Shutdown. If turn on the shutdown reason option, the computers to be shut down will reboot instead of shutdown.

LanHelper v1.86 (April 13, 2009)
* Fixed: A bug of Wake-On-LAN service. Under Windows Vista, 2003 server R2 or later, new task data cannot be transferred into Wake-On-LAN service.

LanHelper v1.85 (April 6, 2009)
* Added: Shares management.
* Added: Data export feature for the tree control on the View tab of Uses dialog, Services dialog, etc. Export data of users, groups, services, shares, scheduled tasks sessions to text file, XML file, etc.
* Fixed: Cannot specify blank description when set properties on Users management and Groups management.
* Fixed: A bug of one LanHelper Integrated Command, Capture Screen.
* Removed: Lock Mouse, Lock Keyboard from LanHelper Integrated Command due to security issue. If LanHelper users require these features, please download the version 1.83 of this remote administration tool from home page.

LanHelper v1.83 (January 18, 2009)
* Added: Account Policy, User Rights, Audit Policy features in the View tab of Users dialog.
* Enhanced: File Deploy in Remote Execute. Copy local files & directories to any remote shared folder.
* Enhanced: File deploy for Install Service. Copy local files & directories to any remote shared folder.
* Fixed: A bug of Services management. On the View tab, when click Startup Type button and select the menu item Automatic, the program does not work.
* Fixed: The tree control on Services, Users dialogs, etc. It responses very slow when select the menu item Select All from the shortcut menus.

LanHelper v1.82 (October 15, 2008)
* Fixed: A bug of Refresh Status. If clicks "Refresh By Name And Update IP" from the drop down menus of Refresh Status button on the toolbar, the program performs the routine of "Refresh By IP And Update Name" by mistake.

LanHelper v1.81 (October 1, 2008)
* Fixed: Scan LAN & Scan Workgroup bug. On scanning LanHelper failed to collect all computers if a domain/workgroup has large quantities of members.

LanHelper v1.80 (August 4, 2008)
* Added: Users management. View users, create users, copy users, enable or disable users, delete users, etc.
* Added: Groups management. View groups, create groups, copy group, delete groups, etc.
* Added: General options "When Perform the View XXX Action" and "Check for Update". Wake-On-LAN option "Power Peaks Settings".
* Added: Directed broadcast send option for Wake-On-LAN.
* Added: View All Services button in the View tab of Services dialog.
* Added: View Open Files in the View tab of Open Files dialog.
* Added: View Sessions, Session Properties buttons in the View tab of Sessions dialog.
* Added: View Tasks, Add Task, Delete Tasks, Task Properties buttons in the view tab of Remote Execute dialog.
* Enhanced: The tree control in the View tab of Service dialog, Remote Execute dialog, etc. Add search feature and automatically select & deselect all matched items. Add more shortcut menu items. Support selecting multiple items via Ctrl or Shift key. Remove the checkbox icon.
* Enhanced: The service for Wake-On-LAN.
* Enhanced: More log for LanHelper Integrated Command.
* Fixed: A Remote Execute bug. The flag JOB_NONINTERACTIVE is not correctly shown while list tasks.
* Other small improvements and fixes.

LanHelper v1.75 (April 29, 2008)
* Fixed: A bug that LanHelper may crash sometimes due to getting time from an off-line computer in Remote Execute.
* Fixed: A bug in View Service. The services were not correctly displayed in View tab.

LanHelper v1.74 (January 3, 2008)
* Fixed: A bug in View Service. Duplicate items will be returned if specify service names to list remote services.

LanHelper v1.73 (August 9, 2007)
* Added: Run Refresh Status or the monitoring by groups.
* Added: Scan option "ping count".
* Enhanced: In XML Group dialog now can select more than one XML groups and click Select button to make all the items belonged to them selected in the main window.
* Enhanced: In Send Email of Alert Settings of Refresh Status option, add "SMTP Port" option, "Requires SSL" option. Removed "Requires Authentication" option. Fixed the bug that the Backup SMTP cannot send email out.
* Fixed: Under monitor mode, the monitor mistakenly shut down the computers which ought to be restarted, or restart them which ought to be shut down.
* Fixed: Failed to delete all groups if more than one groups were selected in XML Group dialog.
* Fixed: When perform Wake-On-LAN (WOL) from command line mode and specify a text file, the Wake-On-LAN (WOL) packets cannot be sent to targets located on other subnets.
* Fixed: Border drawing and font issues of the multiple-columns tree control.
* Removed: Refresh Status option "refresh IP timeout". When refresh statuses by IP, LanHelper uses the values of Ping Timeout and Ping Count settings in Scan option.
* Other small improvements and fixes.

LanHelper v1.72 (July 11, 2007)
* Fixed: Several bugs in LanHelper Integrated Command.
* Fixed: Cannot submit Wake-On-LAN (WOL) scheduled tasks while LanHelper service is running.
* Fixed: Service dialog, a file copy bug in Install Service.

LanHelper v1.71 (March 22, 2007)
* Added: Customize toolbar buttons.
* Fixed: The tree control in View tab of Service dialog don't show the checkboxes if XP visual style or Vista Basic visual style are active.

LanHelper v1.70 (April 30, 2007)
* Added: Sessions management. View all sessions, disconnect sessions.
* Added: Open Files management. View all open files, close open files accessed by other users.
* Added: View dependencies in Service Properties dialog.
* Added: Delete All Tasks menu item under Remote Execute.
* Enhanced: Remote Execute, copy files to system32 directory on remote computer.
* Fixed: A bug in HTML report.
* Other small improvements and fixes.

LanHelper v1.61 (February 5, 2007)
* Fixed: service's startup type cannot be set. Files cannot be copied to system32 directory on remote system while installing service.

LanHelper v1.60 (January 7, 2007)
* Added: Service management. View services, start services, stop services, delete services, install service, etc.
* Added: Refresh Status option "Ignore DNS suffix while match names to determine status".
* Added: Progress bar and real time log in Remote Shutdown, Remote Execute, Send Message.
* Enhanced: Remote Execute. Listed tasks can be exported into HTML. Interface improved.
* Enhanced: Group feature. Every group can contain security credentials.
* Enhanced: Send Message.
* Fixed: "TTL expired in transit" issue in scan engine.
* Other small improvements and fixes.

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