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Job Scheduling

Job scheduling system in Windows is called Windows Task Scheduler, which is used to automate applications to run at a time that is most convenient for you. It allows you to schedule tasks on a single computer, but is helpless for scheduling tasks to run on large numbers of computers. LanHelper's job scheduling (also called Remote Execute in LanHelper) feature overcomes this limitation, and enables you to easily administer scheduled jobs on remote computers.

Task scheduling, remote execute

All scheduled jobs are listed on the job view, on which you can add, modify or delete scheduled jobs. On the job view, all data can be exported to XML, HTML or text files, Click here for an HTML sample of scheduled task report.

File deploy is supported by this remote administration tool. If the executable file specified by the command is not existed on remote system, or it needs some additional DLLs, specify them and let LanHelper copy them to remote computers.

You can also run LanHelper Integrated Command, a new feature in version 1.10, to implement many useful management routines, such as lock computer, capture screen, kill processes at a regular interval, etc.

Detailed real-time logs are available on the Log tab. Click here to learn more about log.

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