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Shared Folder Management

LanHelper's shared folder management feature allows you to easily manage numerous shared resources on remote computers. You can view shares, create shares, delete shares and more. The remote administration tool also provides a share explorer, with which you can explore shared folders and shared files, and create shares.

Shares management. View share, create share, delete share

Four bulk actions are available for shares administration: view shares, delete shares, add share, create default shares.
  • View shares
  • List all shared resources or specified ones on remote computers, and display shares information including shared folder, shared path, share type, connections, max connections, comment, permissions, etc in share view.
  • Delete shares
  • Delete specified shared folders from remote computers.
  • Create shares
  • Bulk creating shares is supported. Specify share folder, comment, user limitation and permissions, etc information to create multiple shares on multiple computers.
  • Create default shares
  • Recreate the default shares, such as C$, ADMIN$, Print$, etc., if they do not exist.

    Share view

    The share view displays information obtained by View Shares action. From here you can perform the shares administration in a more flexible way. You can select any number of shares from one or more remote computers, then delete them, or perform other actions such as create shares, recreate default shares, view & modify shared folder permissions, etc. You can also export data to XML, HTML or text file. Click here for an HTML sample of share report.

    Detailed real-time logs are available on the Log tab. Click here to learn more about log.

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