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DHCP Query Tool

Version 1.20
Copyright (C) 2010 Afan Tim.


While using the remote administration tool LanHelper, sometimes it may take several days or even longer to pick up all computers on the network via the network scanning functions. With this DHCP Query Tool, LAN administrators can directly search MAC addresses, IP addresses, etc. from win32 DHCP server, and get an output XML file which can be opened by LanHelper or web browser software. This free tool provides another way for searching MAC addresses and gathering network information, and makes the remote administration become more quickly and easy.


Run this free command line tool on the DHCP server or a domain member computer, then input DHCP server address and one file name to save the results. After finishing running, run LanHelper and load the XML file. Then you can perform Wake-On-LAN, shutdown, users management, or other remote administration routines with LanHelper.

Version 1.20 provides command line parameters.

/query [ip:server_ip_address] [f:xml_file_mame]
Query from the ip address server_ip_address(default is, save the results to the XML file xml_file_mame(default is C:\DHCP.xml).

/query ip: f:c:\result.xml

Download DHCP query tool.

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