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Reset Password Batch

Copyright (C) 2010 Afan Tim.


In some scenarios LAN administrators require periodically changing Windows users' passwords. The remote administration tool LanHelper provides Reset Password action for resetting passwords of Windows user accounts to random passwords or regular ones. If one want to specify customize passwords, LanHelper would not help more. So we developed this free command line tool for all LanHelper users to reset passwords of any number of Windows user accounts.


   /f=password_file [/expire] [/macro] [/log=log_file]

   /f=Template.txt /expire /macro /log=log.txt

Specify the file containing computer name, user name and new password. The detailed file formats are shown below.

User must change password at next logon.

Enable macro %username% for generating new password. The macro %username% typed into the password column will be replaced with the actual user name at run. For example, for the input %username%abc, The actual password will be user1abc for user1 user.

Save the operation results in a log file.

Display the GUI interface.

Password file formats

Computer name;user name;new password

Examples:;guest;new password123@#$

The content of the file should have at least three columns, and use semicolon to separate each two columns. The password will be set to a blank one if it's skipped. If the computer name is skipped, it'll be regarded as local host.

Download Reset Password Batch.

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