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Remote Shutdown

When time to get off duty, there are probably many computers in the offices required to be shut down. It'll be very troublesome if someone intends to press the power button to turn off all computers one by one. LanHelper's remote shutdown feature allows you to shut down or reboot computers via local network in a quickly way. You can shutdown the computers immediately, or schedule a shutdown to occur at a later time. From version 1.50 on, remote shutdown can also be invoked from the command line mode, which allows you to schedule shutdown tasks with other scheduler programs, such as Windows Task Scheduler.

Local schedule is supported for remote shutdown operations. The maximum number of the tasks scheduling at the same time is 16. Exiting the remote administration tool will cause all the tasks to stop scheduling. But they will automatically resume scheduling next time the remote administration tool run. While the task runs, it uses its own global security credentials settings that previously saved. Please note that every time a new task is submitted, it saves the global security credentials settings instead of group settings.

remote shutdown schedule, reboot schedule

While shutting down Windows NT/2000 computers remotely, they can't be powered down. Additional, this feature is not across-subnets enable. That is, it only work for computers located on one same subnet and helpless for computers located on other subnets. In version 1.1 or higher, LanHelper provides solution for these issues. With Remote Execute feature plus LanHelper Integrated Command, you can power down Windows NT/2000 and other higher Windows system on LAN/WAN. On Remote Execute dialog, click the check box "Use LanHelper Integrated Command" to make the LanHelper Integrated Command dialog popup,  select the operation "8 Power off" from the operation list, then click Add button to append the selected operation, click OK button to return to Remote Execute dialog, then submit a task to run on remote computers to perform the shutdown operation.

Detailed real-time logs are available on the Log tab. Click here to learn more about log.

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