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Due to the complex network environment, not all the network operations will be successfully completed every time while performing remote administration routines. When something wrong occurred, network administrators need to find out the reasons. LanHelper features real-time and detailed logs everywhere. The logs shows you information including computer name, operation name, description of operation error, time, etc., which are helpful for network administrators to quickly analyze and solve network problems.

There are two types of logs, real time logs and logs saved in file. All the NT administration utilities, such as Users, Groups and Services, has a LOG tab, from where the users can observe real time logs of the current operations. For example, create one user named "user01" on machine but this user already existed, the logs then showed all these information and it's very easy to find out which/what/why/when.

Logs for users management

All the real time logs are saved in LanHelper log file, which is a plan text file and easy to search & find.

Logs saved in file

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