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LAN Monitoring

Some computers are very important and should keep running 24 hour reliably, such as the ones in the data center, servers running the businesses of one company. They need to be monitored, if anything wrong happen the network administrators should get the notice at the earliest time. Based on connection status detection, LanHelper's LAN monitoring feature is capable of monitoring thousands of computers simultaneously. Once network connection lost & restore or other status changing was detected, network administrator will be immediately notified by e-mail, network message, etc.

One computer has probably seven connection statues in the remote administration tool LanHelper, which are listed on the bottom of this page. To start LAN monitoring, first check the menu item "Monitor Mode", then click "Refresh By IP" or "Refresh By Name".

Under monitor mode, connection status changing would trigger certain alert events. At present four events are available. If connection status changed and current status is "---", it will trigger "status changed to be off-line" event. If the previous status is "---", and current connection status is "alive", "@!", "!@", "@*" or "*@", it will trigger "status changed to be on-line" event. If pervious status is "alive", and current connection status is "@!", "!@", "@*" or "*@", it will trigger "Name or IP changed" event. "Any change" event includes all connection status changes. If the value (let's say x) of Refresh Status option "consider status changed if consecutive" is set to 1 (default value), the events would be triggered immediately every time the connection status changed. If x greater than 1, the events would be triggered only when the changed status continuously appear x times.

While the events have been triggered, alert information would be sent out, or some actions would be performed. For example, send network message or e-mail to system administrator, perform Wake-On-LAN operation to power on the powered-down computers, perform shutdown operation to power off connected computers, etc.

Status Symbol Description
alive The computer is on-line.
--- The computer is off-line.
@! Name active but IP changed.
@* Name active, IP changed and has been automatically updated by the program.
!@ IP active but name changed.
*@ IP active, name changed and has been automatically updated by the program.
? Unable to determine status or the status is unknown.

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