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How to shut down all computers with one click

LanHelper supports command line mode, and provides one parameter "/shutdown" for performing remote shutdown operation. It requires one computers list file in XML format as input. Scan network and saving the gathered network information will generate such files.

To shutdown from the user interface, please refer to the online document Remote Shutdown. To implement one-click shutdown operation, one has two choices, shortcut or batch file (.BAT).

Create one shortcut of LanHelper.exe and send it to desktop. Make the shortcut properties dialog popup, and add required parameters and values to Target field in the Shortcut tab, for example, /shutdown f:c:\data.xml force t:60. Next time you click and run this shortcut, LanHelper will forcibly shutdown all remote computers specified in file c:\data.xml, the delay time is 60 seconds.

The command and parameters of batch file method are the same as the shortcut one. Run Notepad.exe and type the full executable file path and the parameters, then save it to one .BAT file, as the screenshot below showed. Note that all characters should be typed into one line. Run the batch file and the remote administration tool LanHelper will automatically perform the shutdown operation, only one click.

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