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How to search MAC address & MAC address vendor

Searching MAC address is easy with LanHelper. One can scan network, query from DHCP server, or directly read the cache of router/switch/modem, to obtain MAC addresses and other network information, and identify MAC address vendor.

This remote administration tool provides four functions for scanning network, Scan IP, Scan LAN, Scan Workgroup and Domain Controller. Before performing the network scanning, make sure the MAC Address scan option is turn on in the Options dialog. On scanning finishing, the MAC addresses will be shown in MAC column, in style of XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX. Some MAC addresses may be returned as all zeroes, "00-00-00-00-00-00". It meant that the target computer was not online, or the user account set in the security credentials had not enough permissions on remote computer, or other reasons caused LanHelper fail to get the address. In a complex network environment, The system configurations of all computers are not exactly the same, which has caused a bit difficulties for searching MAC addresses and other network information. Anyway LanHelper has a smart scan engine, and it'll try several methods until it get the correct MAC address. The scan engine can only search MAC addresses from online computers. If you want to do so from offline & turned-off computers, use the other two methods instead.

A good place to search MAC addresses is the DHCP server. On some network, the DHCP server almost store all the client computers' IP addresses and MAC addresses. With this free utility DHCP Query Tool you can easily gather all these data from one win32 DHCP server, and save them to one XML file that can be opened with LanHelper. This way you can obtain most or all records of online computers and offline ones.

Another way is directly reading the cache of network devices such as router, modem via SNMP protocol. From LanHelper click Wake-On-LAN button, then click the label "Query MAC Address From Router, Switch, Modem", enter one IP address and click Query button to start searching MAC addresses. For example, enter the gateway address, which can be found from network adapter's network connection details, to try and normally you can get some results. Generally as long as one network device is connectable via IP address, you can search MAC addresses from it via SNMP protocol. Such devices include router, switch, xDSL modem, wireless AP that operated at OSI layer three.

On searching finishing, from the computer list select one or more items, then from the menu bar click "Tools > NIC Vendor Identifier", the remote administration tool will find MAC address vendors for you.

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