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How to fast search all error events on multiple servers

The Windows event logs contain many entries created by Windows system or other programs. Some of them are probably critical errors or important warnings which should be noticed and processed by network administrators as soon as possible. Examining the events periodically is helpful for keeping computer systems secure and reliable, especially for those servers running HTTP service, email service or other businesses.

Then how to do one fast events search on multiple servers to trace the latest error events? From LanHelper, select all the servers in the computers list, click the Event Viewer button, switch to Search tab, then click the Search Settings button. In the new popup dialog, enter one log name we want to search from, e.g. SYSTEM. At present the program search only one log on all computers during one searching. Set log time to "Last 24 hours", in Event Types fields turn on Error option and turn off the other, as we only concern about the latest error events. Click the Ok button to close Search Settings dialog, then click the Start button. The searching is greatly fast than general event viewers, in several seconds the search results will show.


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