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How to detect IP address change or host name change

Assigning an illegal IP address to one computer by accident or by design will probably cause IP conflicts and render computers unusable for network operations. Network administrators would not want to see this. Then how to efficiently detect IP changes and correct such things in time?

First you should get one computers list containing accurate IP addresses and computer names by importing or by scanning network. Load these data with LanHelper and from the menu bar click "Tools > Refresh Status > Refresh By Name". On refreshing finishing, the IP-changed computers are identified as "@!" in the Status column. Then network administrators can locate these computers according to other network information and correct the changes manually. To detect host name changing based on IP address, use Refresh By IP function instead.

LanHelper provides monitor mode for detecting IP-changed computers periodically. Monitor mode automate the change detection, and send notifications to network administrator if necessary, and event try to turn on or shutdown concerned computers.

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