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How to batch reset passwords for Windows user accounts

LanHelper's user account management feature integrates many actions with batch mode enabled, such as Delete Users, Create Users, etc. By using the Reset Password action, one can reset passwords for almost any number of Windows users on multiple computers simultaneously.

There're two places in the remote administration tool to reset user password, one is the General tab of Users dialog, the other is the View tab. Select certain number of computers from the computers list, from the tool bar click Users button to display the Users dialog. On the General tab enter all user names you want to reset password, which have better exist on all computers. Then enter the new password and click the Ok button. This will reset the specified users on all selected computers to one same password.

The View tab lists all users enumerated by View User or View All Users action. Resetting user passwords from here is more flexible. First from the list select any number of users on one or more computers, then click Reset Password button from the bottom mini toolbar to display Reset Password dialog. Three ways are available here, the simplest one is use the default settings and enter one new password, then click the Ok button to make all selected users have one same password. Another way is turn on "Enable Macro %username% For Password" option so to create regular passwords. For example, to the input %username%newpassword, the admin user's password will be reset to adminnewpassword, or be reset to adminnewpasswo if turn on "Truncate If The Actual Password Longer Than 14 Characters" option. The third way is using Random Password checkbox to create strong password which contains upper case characters, lower case characters, digitals or non-alphabetic characters. The random passwords are saved in one file named RUP.txt located under the program folder.

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